All You Want To Know About An AIR GRILL

All You Want To Know About An AIR GRILL

Air Grill or Air Fryer: Which One Should You Buy?
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A common debate among cooking enthusiasts is which one is better an air fryer or a grill. Amidst several opinions, the air fryer stood out as a fantastic option for many. Perhaps, the grilling option wasn’t great in the air fryer. And to this, everyone agreed!

Understanding the need for a better grilling appliance, the indoor air grill was launched recently. An indoor air grill functions similarly to an air fryer. That means it cooks a wide range of foods that remain tender inside and crispy outside, but all these in a healthy way. And that’s its USP.

Take a look at the newly launched Zstar indoor air grill and learn how is it different from an air fryer.


What is Indoor Air Grill?

Having an air fryer and grill as separate appliances would cost you a lot. Why spend on different appliances when you get both functionalities in just one? That’s right. An indoor air fryer grill is the new big thing for your kitchen that will not only save you from spending on two different appliances but also provide other benefits.

Well, the market doesn’t have a lot of options for indoor air fryer grills but Zstar has launched one recently. This Indoor Grill Air Fryer Combo with See-Through Window is an amazing kitchen appliance for those who love healthy and grilled foods.

Let's explore more about this fantastic kitchen tool.


Best Features

An air fryer just cooks the food without a crispy outside without actually frying the food. It follows the convection oven technology and a fan to circulate the heat. However, the indoor grill air fryer has more to offer.

Its 360-degree rapid hot air searing grills the food much more evenly than regular outdoor grills. This grill has built-in Halogen heating tubes instead of those traditional stainless steel ones. Besides, its dual heaters contribute to even cooking, as they allow the different parts of the grill to have minor temperature discrepancies.

Indeed, this smokeless indoor grill’s temperature can go up to 450℉. It also has an aerodynamic air duct that is specifically designed to ensure optimal airflow all around. This functionality makes it easier for you to grill inside your house healthily without compromising on flavors and taste. So, this holiday season you can make your favorite steak dinner in just 6-8 mins.

Interestingly, this indoor grill is a 7-in-1 versatile appliance. That means you can air fry and grill as you like. And of course, you’ve various functionality including bacon, chicken/turkey roast, grilled vegetables, dehydrate, the air crisp, preheat, and more. So, you are not just saving money by not buying a separate grill but also a lot of kitchen space. In other words, it's perfect for those having a small kitchen space or countertop. Just one appliance and you’re good to go!


In addition to its amazing 7-in-1 functionality, this indoor grill has a see-through window. Sometimes you might need to observe the food to know how much is it cooked. This transparent window makes it easier to do it. So, you’ll know by when your steak gets perfectly grilled.

Further, the most fascinating feature of this indoor grill air fryer is its low operation noise. It’s designed to reduce the noise on 3 levels. At the highest noise level, where it’s produced by motor rotation; the grill is built with the best quality pure copper motor and matches the voltage and speed to manage the noise. The moderate noise level, caused by airflow, is resolved by using better quality fan blades that improve air circulation. Also, the heating hood and steam hole openings oversee the wind convection’s direction and angle to ensure an enhanced exhaust system and reduce wind resistance to lower the noise levels. And, the low noise level caused by the vibration of different parts of the grill is controlled by the 4 fixed support feet.


Well, the Zstar indoor grill air fryer is a great addition to your kitchen. And this holiday you can use it to make the best-grilled recipes along with your favorite healthy fries. You can also gift this to your friends this Christmas. Grab this Zstar indoor air grill here and enjoy your favorite recipes every day.